Essay on How Flexible Working Is Seen As A Social Panacea

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‘Flexible working is seen as a social panacea, capable of resolving unemployment, maintaining economic competitiveness, and enhancing equal opportunities between women and men’(Perrons 2000) Recent years have seen an increasing number of organizations in the UK offering a range of flexible working options to their employees . These options range form part time working to job sharing and working from home, with each option comes its own culture and as such their own psychological advantages and disadvantages.
For example, for a parent, the advantages of flexible working include a more adequate work life balance and decreased stress levels. This resulting in a fix to family stabilization as in previous years it has been reported that ‘There has been a growth of family instability, reflected in increased rates of divorce and single parenthood, as well as a (Europe-wide) decline infertility’.(Crompton 2002) By working flexibly, it allows parents to be there for their children during the early stages of childhood, with both mother and father being able to take leave from work to care for their child. In some cases, parents can then go back to work part time to provide future childcare. These options also allow families to spend more time with each other which results in the decrease of instability.
However, these advantages do come with a cost; if a parent is working from home they may lose the social interaction they can achieve in the work place causing loneliness. (QUOTE)In…

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