How Filipino Consumers Behave Essay

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Filipinos as Consumers Philippines is considered as one of the countries with the lowest economic status, thus most Filipinos earned low or insufficient income to sustain their needs or wants. The insufficiency of their income made them to become wiser when purchasing the products. Some preferred to choose products with affordable prices while others stick to their loyalty to a specific brand. Practically, the Filipinos also prioritize their basic necessities than purchasing other unimportant products and they also look for more affordable alternatives. For example, if the price of rice increased and a certain Filipino citizen cannot afford to purchase it, he will switch to the best alternative which was corn.
Sales and discounts have
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I prefer to purchase products from a well-known and trusted store because of the assured durability of the product and they offer customer service.
Products with good and large packaging invite more consumers to purchase. As a consumer, good packaging has a great impact on me because those products will be noticed easily. Large packaging may give a thought to the consumers that it has greater amount and lesser in price compared to the other products. Smaller packaged products and sachets were patronized also by the Filipinos. To most Filipinos, the small amount of money they spent on shopping, the better. I can relate this situation on my personal experience. My mother always buys shampoos in sachet because according to her that it would be more practical to buy in sachets. Instead of buying a shampoo in a 90 mL container, the price was lesser and it has wide availability on sari-sari stores.
Amount of money was an important factor when the Filipinos shop. It was very common to the Filipinos that we plan ahead or make a list of the possible items to be purchased. They also made some estimation of the possible prices of the listed items. This was one of the ways on how the Filipinos budget their own money. Nowadays, most consumers preferred the local brands because of its cheaper prices. Such as Happee toothpaste, C2 tea, Human Nature products, Champion Laundry detergent, MyPhone cellular phone

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