How Female Legislators Represent Their Party Or Their Gender Essay

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The main concept of this literature review is to analyse how female legislators represent their party or their gender. In order to do so, it is important to consider several factors. For example; political interests, a political parties’ ideology, the theory of ‘new-left’ values, gender quotas, women’s rights activists, the theory of corruption, as well as, the impact of specific political factors.
Female legislators have a specific set of political interests. In other words, female legislators are more liberal towards certain topics, when compared to their male counterparts. To be more specific, female legislators tend to care more about topics such as; welfare, education and health (Osborn, 2014; Poggione, 2004; Power and Mala, 2006; Franceschet and Piscopo, 2008; Caul, 1999). Furthermore, it has been theorised that female legislators aim to utilize their job to improve society, whereas, men aim to gain power and status (Poggione, 2004:313). It could be argued that a difference in political interests is due to a result of variation in experience. In other words, women traditionally have the role of being a mother within a family, thus, are more attached to social factors. (Poggione, 2004; Li-Ju, 2003). One could theorise that, female legislators provide a dynamic view on different types of policies that a political party should implement, and such a view would not be provided by male legislators. This therefore emphasises the importance of female legislators in terms of…

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