How Fast Food Has Changed The World

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“In many respects, the fast food industry embodies the best and the worst of American capitalism at the start of the twenty-first century—its constant stream of new products and innovations, its widening gulf between rich and poor.” Schlosser could not have worded it better (6). The individuals in this game, known as entrepreneurs, have changed the world for: good and evil. Ever since the concepts of formal cities started taking form in Europe, people were starting to look for ways of making money. Cities were incredibly crowded and there was little room for full-sized restaurants so people set up vendors and walk in restaurants to feed costumers (most of them being poor) as quickly as possible and with very affordable prices. Fast food was …show more content…
These mini burger factories—concocting quick, cheap unhealthy, rapid money-making food—were started by risk taking entrepreneurs who had a passion for success. Fast food has intensely influenced the world in ways that you had probably never thought of. It has changed the way of producing products and exchanging them all around the world simply for the means of pure wealth. To understand how the fast food industry has changed the world we are going to look back to how it all blasted off in the sunny, gorgeous state of …show more content…
Uniformity shows customers that, that particular business is persistent in their product and/or services. It lets the customers they will get the exact same product at every franchise they shop at for that specific company.
Mc Donald’s—being thee most famous fast food restaurant since the 50s—was greatly influenced by the automobile industry and its means of producing using the assembly line, made famous by Henry Ford. Schlosser stated, “The nation’s car culture reached its height in southern California, inspiring innovations such as the world’s first motel and the first drive-in bank.” (17) Most of the citizens of Los Angeles in the 50s were already driving vehicles due to all the vehicle companies meticulously getting rid of the old railways and paving thousands of miles of freeways and

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