How Fashion Has Changed Society Essay

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Have you ever wonder what is the most power art there is? In this 21st century the most powerful art there is, is called fashion. Fashion is so powerful it makes people from all over the world come to New York, Paris, Milan, and London two times a year so see what are the new trends and styles we are going to be using next year. Through the years fashion has transformed to what we have today this lavish, elegant, and glittering art. Some people say that fashion is superficial but fashion is something so influential and so important because it marks history and represents an era. 21st century fashion has become so powerful thanks to the Internet and the social media fashion, now is something more attainable and anyone in the world can see a fashion show in the web or be inspired by celebrities and socialites through the social media. Today we live in a really modern world but as I said earlier fashion has history and stays strong to its roots. 21st century fashion is marked by High Fashion and Fast fashion.

First, High fashion is in the top of the fashion industry pyramid. High fashion has a lot of different names like Alta Moda or the most famous and well-known Haute Couture. But what does this flamboyant French word really mean? Haute Couture means high fashion; haute couture clothes are ultra- expensive clothes that are custom made to fit the few women wealthy enough to afford them. They are made of the most luxurious fabrics, with exquisite details and hand-sewn…

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