How Far Did the Weimar Republic Recover Under Stresemann? Essay

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On August 13, 1923, Gustav Stresemann was appointed Chancellor during a problematic time for the Weimar Republic. There were still huge economic, political and social problems following the First World War. The Weimar Government had been forced to accept the humiliating and crippling terms of the Treaty Of Versailles meaning Germany was put under a huge amount of strain. Germany's standing in the world had been limited greatly by the Treaty as well. Stresemann had to address these problems and begin recovery of the Weimar Republic even under the harsh terms of the Treaty.

Stresemann's first achievements as the new Chancellor of the Weimar Republic were the rescue of the German currency and the softened effect of the large war
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Bringing economic stability to Germany made The Weimar Government popular with the German people, however due to democracy, the minority parties still existed in the Reichstag and they had a certain amount of power when it came to decision making, meaning Stresemann had to fight against the extremist rivals in his own government. Economically stability made Stresemann very popular therefore there was a lack of support for extremist parties such as the National Socialists and the Communists as the people felt no need for a dramatic change in how the country was run. Even though their general popularity with the German people had declined, and they didn't hold many seats in the Reichstag, they were still allowed to exist and campaign, so they were waiting for the right time to attempt a takeover. Most of the political instability in the Reichstag was caused by proportional representation, which became a disaster as no party was strong enough to become the majority and the Reichstag was made up of dozens of tiny parties, all with conflicting views. This meant that decision making was difficult parties which did not agree with Stresemann's party could overturn many decisions meaning that a large amount of power was given to extremist parties and those which opposed Stresemann. This meant that progress couldn't be made easily and also that the Weimar Government could easily lose control of the parliament.

Stresemann also turned his eye to solving many political

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