Essay about How Family Types Can Help Us Better Understand What It?

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Our families were the sowers of our seeds. They were the biological lab from which you and I were synthesized. Without any part of them, we would not be not us but a whole different arrangement of atoms unlike any before it. It is because of this unconditional inclusion that we look, act, and think at least somewhat like our family. Our actions and beliefs reflect our families and expose differences between them and other families. These differences help to classify families and assign certain statistical trends to them as well. Whether your family is large or small, far or near, it is classified according to the components that make it unique. Classifying family types can help us better understand what is expected of us.

The first family type that will be discussed is the “picture perfect” family. Typically this category of families includes two parents and at least two children. The “picture perfect” head of the family is the father, who holds the economics of the family his hands. He is the breadwinner; his main concern is making sure he makes enough money to let his family live comfortably and safe. The father should also be the role model of his children, more profoundly the boys. He has a charismatic look, stands around six feet tall, wears fashionable clothing and sends a sense of protection over his entire family. He is also the parent that makes the final word and can discipline his kids using minimal effort because his kids respect him and his contribution to…

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