Essay on How Equality Is Represent Equality For All

1728 Words Nov 11th, 2016 7 Pages
When thinking about how equality is represented in society, we think of every possible situation whereas society should represent equality for all. The only equality alive in this society, is only presented to caucasians. You can ask an African American person if they feel like they’re treated the same as caucasians, and they will disagree. Society is blindly unaware of the issues happening in this country, especially in courtrooms when African Americans are assigned a harsh punishment for a crime committed. In this world, caucasians have an advantage in this society and everybody seems to acknowledge it. What a large majority of society doesn 't seem to realize with caucasians having the advantage is that African Americans don 't have the same respect and fairness as caucasians do. In courtrooms, white individuals are more favored by society as a whole because the color of their skin, no matter what crime they committed, caucasians will always receive a far less severe punishment. As for African Americans, when present in a courtroom for a crime they committed, they will receive more of a severe crime because the color of their skin, they are not seen as somebody who deserves the same respect as white individuals. Punishments for crime that are more severe on African Americans than Caucasians are caused by the punishment system, which discriminate African Americans, give injustice to African Americans, and because racism is still alive in society. Aside from those specific…

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