How Emotions Can Affect Our Decision Making Essay

2024 Words Aug 11th, 2014 9 Pages
Empathic attunement, which requires identifying a person’s emotions, is a foundational element in the process of counselling. Discuss the role and function of emotions in human experience and the process of change.
Emotions have an important function and role in human experiences and in the process of change. As many of the definitions I looked up for the difference between role and function in terms of emotion were hard to separate definitively, I have decided not to treat them separately. In the first half of this essay I explore how emotions play into our everyday lives, in helping to keep us safe and to thrive in life, how emotions can affect our decision making, how they can motive us to action and how they can affect our communication and connection with one another; and in the second half how counsellors help their clients by utilising empathic attunement to assist the cognitive processes and reflective functions in their clients, increase their emotional self-regulation, to provide corrective emotional experiences and increase clients’ empathy for others.
Emotions play a number of roles and functions in human experience. Firstly, they can help us to reduce our risk of danger, to survive and prosper in life (website 2). Emotions, when working well, can be a sensory filter or warning system that helps us to identify dangers in our environments. They can alert us to take action in one form or another. This may take the form of either fight or flight, depending on the…

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