Essay about How Email Is An Essential Type For Communication

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In the beginning of the semester, when I first started this class I thought I was just going to learn some introduction of the W.P Carey school and in general knowing some college study skills. However, after a whole semester learning, my harvest is more than I thought. The first thing that I got from WPC 101 is to write a correct format of email. Before the class, I did not know a correct form of email very clear, I sent few emails to my professors before. During the class I knew what is the correct form of emails and this is very important to my college study even my future career. Because email is an essential type to communication with others, so when I grasp the correct form of emails, I can have more communication with my professors, when I have any problems and challenge in my study I can email them for solving my problems. Secondly, I knew how to write a cover letter in WPC 101 too, cover letter is one of the most important elements in our career life, an excellent cover letter can help our career life more smooth. Before our the class, I never thought I need to prepare my future job, but now I begin to think about my career and make an strong foundation and preparation in my freshman year is very important step to my future job. Finally, I practice my speaking then improve language-organizing ability though this course. During the course, we had Business 30 second to introduce ourselves, study and job objectives simplify. We also made a group presentation to…

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