How Effective Marketing, Financial and Human Resource Management Activities Could Be Expected to Contribute to Fitness First's Success.

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This essay will be examining how Fitness First uses marketing, finance and human resource management to continually be an effective and sustainable sports organisation. Fitness First is the largest gym, health and fitness group in the world with more than 1.5 million members and over 550 fitness clubs. (, 2009) The Chartered Institute of Marketing defines marketing as “…the management process which identifies, anticipates and supplies customer requirements efficiently and profitably. Ace (2001:2)
The first part of this essay will focus on the ‘four P’s’ of the marketing mix in relation to implementations taken by Fitness First in these areas. The four P’s of the marketing mix are product, place and promotion.
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“A face-to face interview continues to be the most popular and frequently used method of selection.” Foot and Hook (2008:179)

Financial information for sport and leisure businesses will help aid their decision making processes. It can also show if the organisation have met its goals and objectives. “Each and every sport organisation has a responsibility to produce financial statements: the legal requirements will be determined by the nature of the company, whether it is a sole trader or a public company.” Wilson and Joyce (2008:15)
It is also important for Fitness First to present financial information to their stakeholders and shareholders to keep them up to date with how successful the organisation is. “Accounting is a way of showing to external stakeholders and internal management how well a business has performed over a period of time.” Wilson and Joyce (2008:3) Creating financial statements will help keep the business running in a structured and well planned manner. It allows management of Fitness First to understand how much excess money they have to spend on enhancing gym equipment and other areas. Financial statements are defined as, “The complete set off accounts. This will include the balance sheet, income statement and the cash flow statement.” Wilson and Joyce (2008:8) Finance is a vital part of any business, if it isn’t managed

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