How Effective Is Parliament At Carrying Out Its Various Functions?

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How effective is Parliament at carrying out its various functions?
Parliament’s three main functions are representation, scrutiny and legislation. The effectiveness of representation would be that parliament and the parties within represent their constituents and sections of society and voice their opinions and queries often. The effectiveness of scrutiny in parliament involves the studying of a proposed legislation in detail to ensure that it is in the nation’s interest and that it is in accordance with the powers that has been granted to the government by parliament. The effectiveness of legislation is the process of a bill becoming a law after undergoing many stages between the House of Commons and the House of Lords.
Firstly, there are relatively few women MPs, for example the representation of women is 29% in parliament compared to 51% of females in Britain with the Liberal Democratic Party at the lowest although Labour does have the highest women representation and the overall representation of women in parliament is improving gradually compared to the female representation in parliament in the past which was even lower, therefore parliament is effective in its representation of women although it could improve by an all women shortlist.
Whereas, there is few ethnic minority MPs in parliament as there is 14% ethnic minority in Britain and in parliament it is only 6%…

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