How Educators Can Launch Google 's Formula For Future Ready Innovation

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Years ago at a staff meeting, the presenter distributed an article with an image of a group of teachers running in a pack ahead of a schoolhouse. My coworker doodled a stick figure on it, labeled it “Natalie,” and said, “Natalie, wait up! Slow down!” I chucked, but in the years since, I have been supporting and working with my colleagues instead of running ahead of them.

When I was asked to complete a 20time project as part of SDSU EDL 680 Seminar in Personalized Learning taught by Jeff Heil, I selected a project that would benefit all of the invested adults of my school. I eagerly followed the suggestion of Kevin Brookhouser, author of The 20Time Project: How educators can launch Google 's formula for future-ready innovation and focused on a wicked-hard problem. I teach at San Pasqual Academy, which is a residential facility for foster youth. On our campus more than two hundred staff from five partner agencies work together to raise one-hundred teens. However, we do not have a streamlined direct communication system between individual adults. For my project, I decided to tackle this wicked-hard problem through social media. I expected to learn about the process of completing a 20time project, but I did not expect my learning to come from failures.

To help build context, let me provide a brief overview of my project. Notice I said brief? It is intentional.

I decided that Google+ and Google Hangouts would be the easiest way to support communication between our…

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