How Education Has Changed Our World Essay

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Education has come a long way, generations after generations have made efforts to improve it and incorporate it all around the world. Education has evolved and has open many doors to students and its evolution has marked differences in our world. Although over time experiences within education have often varied, it has also been universally acknowledged that education is the ultimate key to success. At least, this is true with the generation right before me… with my mother.
My mother Teresa Orellana went to school during the mid-70’s through the 80’s in Cuenca, Ecuador. She recalls having enjoyed participating in the various civic activities they had throughout the years of her schooling. She remarks many events with the students that helped in shaping their identity as not only great students but as paternalists as well. This in comparison to my years of schooling in a public school system, from the year 2000 until 2014 is relatively unrelated. Although I do recall ever since kindergarten saying the pledge of allegiance every morning, I felt that students put no attention to its meaning and what it signifies. Besides this, the only time I heard the spangled banner was during graduation.
One aspect I can partially relate with was that my mom as much as I disliked the lunch meal served during her recess. She explains that they would serve oat and bread every single day with no alteration nor exception and in addition the oat was almost undrinkable. I cannot complain about…

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