How Education Can Be Defined As The Nature Of The Curriculum And Assessment

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The purpose of education can be defined as the nature of the curriculum and assessment. This content area is important because teaching the curriculum is how you teach the students. To teach every student you need to teach the curriculum in a way that they will understand it. This includes teaching multiple different ways because each student learns differently. The goal as a teacher is to help every student learn and to succeed in future schooling and life. When a student fully understands then that is the purpose of education. Without teachers in this world no one would grow up to be doctors or lawyers, this is why education is so important, because without education we would not be going anywhere in life.
When I become a classroom teacher I will be the role of the facilitator when trying to reach student achievement. To be a facilitator I must let the students be in control of their own learning. The pedagogy of the facilitator is that of one who activates the student’s voice and embraces the local community. I believe that students learn better when they are in control of their learning and hold a higher interest level on the topic being taught. I believe that students are empty vessels ready to be filled with knowledge. This role of the students coincides well with the role of the teacher as a facilitator because the students get to use their own voice to better the knowledge.
The family’s role should be in helping their own children. As a teacher I will spend a lot…

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