How Drug Addiction Is A Mental Disorder Essay

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There are many concerns about comorbidity as expressed by healthcare advocates including medics, parents and patients. Unfortunately it is an area where not much information is available hence the need to prioritize it when it comes to research. For a better understanding of comorbidity, it is important to appreciate that drug addiction is a mental disorder. Not many people treat it as such but drug addiction is a mental disease that is explained as a complex brain disease. It is characterized by an uncontrollable drug craving and seeking that ignore their devastating effects (Shulamith, Ashenberg, Brown, 2002). The uncontrollable brain behaviors are as a result of the changes that occur in the brain structure and functioning as a result of the drugs. The changes occur in areas that are disrupted in different mental disorder cases such as depression schizophrenia and anxiety. This explains why according to research, there are numerous correlations of occurrence of comorbidity with other mental disorders and addiction. It may be impossible to prove this occurrence or the causality; it is known that having certain mental disorders increases the risk of drug addiction and abuse. The opposite is also true where drug addiction could be a trigger of certain mental disorders.

Comorbidity is therefore defined, as the occurrence of more than two mental disorders at one time. It is a problem that has been noted as a major clinical, research and public health issue in the past…

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