Essay about How Drinking Is A Social Norm

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21 years old today and I’m going to head out with the boys for a few drinks down in Fortitude Valley. We all meet up a few minutes from the nightclub district. My friends decide to go to TheMet, we begin to drink, 2 drinks, 4, 6, 10 at this point we decide to head home.
Suddenly, I hear what seems to be an insult towards me, I’m infuriated, and I lose it swinging towards the young boy knocking him unconscious as he falls helplessly towards the cement kerb. Blood begins to trail into the gutter and down the drain.

Drinking is a social norm in Australia, people often go to pubs after a day’s work to blow off steam, and some go out during the night, it is such a regular occurrence that some marketing campaigns now focus on “having a cold one”.
There are no bans on marketing with alcohol in Australia so it is very easy to subliminally push children to drink from an early age. A few years ago a drinking campaign was being circulated throughout the media showing a boy grabbing a beer for his father but at the same time growing older.

This shows how drinking starts young being influenced by the parents. “Kids form an attitude to alcohol before they even have a drink themselves” are the only words said by the narrator. This can be true, the children believe that it’s ok to drink because the parents are, they become accustomed to the attitudes that occur because of the alcohol and they believe it to be normal.
In fact, four out of ten parents reduced their drinking to be a good…

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