How Does Weather Affect Your Mood Essay

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Register to read the introduction… Heat stress is the amount of stress a worker faces in a hot work area: temperature, humidity, radiant heat (such as from the sun or a furnace) and wind speed. Individuals with high blood pressure or some heart conditions and people who take diuretics (water pills) may be more sensitive to heat exposure and may have a higher chance of getting heat stress. Rain and cloudy skies also plays a role in effecting your mood. Frijns and his colleagues also identified a group of so-called "Summer Haters," who were less happy and more fearful and angry when the temperature and the percentage of sunshine were higher and happier and less fearful and angry with more hours of precipitation. Also identified a group called "Rain Haters" was also identified. As implied by the name, this group felt angrier and less happy on days with more precipitation. Some people say that they like sunny, warm day’s better than rainy cold days because when its sunny outside your able to be more active and also are able to go out and enjoy the sunny warm weather but other people say they like rainy cold days better because you get to relax inside, watch movies, spend more time with family, and be more focused on school or work other than putting your work off and going outside and enjoy your day. Researches said more college student tend to go to school doing the fall because they are more focused and pass more classes because theyaren’tputting off their work to enjoy a nice sunny warm …show more content…
Its gloominess caused by Mother Nature and it usually starts in late October, and then ends in April when spring begins. When this becomes more servers (having seasonal moodiness for 2 consecutive years) it usually becomes diagnosed as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Doctors take this very seriously, and there is treatment. Doctors believe it stems from "sensitivity to the lack of sunlight that results from winter's "shorter" days and disrupts our circadian rhythm, or internal body clock."- WebMD. SAD is caused by the brain working overtime to produce melatonin (because of the lack of sunlight). Melatonin regulates your body clock, sleep patterns and a hormone that's been linked to depression. So in this way, yes weather can affect our moods. Although it is an illness, it's caused to weather and weather

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