How Does Unemployment Affect Individuals? Essay

833 Words May 1st, 2015 4 Pages
Unemployment is a big problem today in this world; two major things will be affected if you are unemployed today. First it will be individual; the main effect will happen to you, but it will also affect your family or the around you. Second is society, which relates to the economy or other people in your country. Being unemployed are awful, not only it can tear you and your family apart, also harms the society as a whole. How does unemployment affect individuals? According to “job-interview-site” unemployment can cause many problems to individuals, for example, mental health issues, health diseases, tension at home, violence and crime rate to raise, suicide cases, unemployment gaps, and loss of skills’ usage. Being unemployed can cause health problems, people without jobs can break down mentally and physically. No jobs mean you are one less source to make income for your family, which put more pressure on your family partner depending them to be the only source to support this family. At that time, your emotions took over, you may become angry, sad, hopeless, stressful, which in the worst case will lead to suicide. Violence and crime rate can rise due to unemployment because when you are unemployed you will be very frustrating. Which when you cannot fix the problem, you will start to think of using other ways to get money – stealing, robbing. There are many types of unemployment; long-term unemployment is one of the serious ones. Long-term unemployment can be caused by…

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