Education For-Profit Colleges Essay

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I think that education has become more about business. For- profit colleges are trying to focus more on making money rather than focusing on the quality of education that is being provided by their institution. When it comes to education, teachers play a significant role. Most of the universities have only few quality teachers. No doubt that there are some really good teachers at all these universities; however, there are many worse teachers in these universities as well. In certain classes, teachers do not teach well, and give better grades to the students without putting an effort to help them out. Later on, those students try to go to a higher level class, and have no idea what is going on in the class because they haven’t learned what they …show more content…
As a student, and as a student employee at the enrollment center, I have seen a lot of student coming to us and find out that they will not be getting the financial aid; they decide to take fewer classes or not at all. It is not just few student deciding to not to go to school because they can’t afford it, there many students who are dropping out of the schools. According to Lamb Erin, lower class family student isn’t even able to start their education, and only half of the students are getting their degrees. “only 59 percent of students who begin college as freshman at a four-year college receive their diploma within six years. Students who come from low-income backgrounds are even less likely to graduate—if they even begin at all” (Lamb). Lower enrollment can also have an affect on the university’s reputation later on. Students will choose other universities which are affordable as well as educative. As we know that universities have good reputation, and every student is trying to get into that one university; however, it will not happen if the college’s tuition in high, and students aren’t learning in the college.This brings down the number of student graduating each year, hence the fact that the United States does not have well educated people in comparison to other countries. Statistics show that the U.S. is at rank 17 in comparison to other counties for

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