How Does Transport Influence Land Use and Development Essay examples

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How does transport influence land use and development. Discuss and elaborate.

1.0 Transport influence Land Use

Transport often been related to the physical activity by regarding to the accessibility and the mobility of transportation planning. It occurs the planning for land development in the future and propose of road network in range of the district. For example in the local plan and state plan has derive the development for the road linkages and network toward making the land use based on the access way. In state and local plan land use planning has showed that normally the highly and high development access way may produce the main land use such as commercial, housing and administration especially in the middle of the city.
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Plan and neighborhood development forms that emphasize pedestrian comfort and convenience, these advocates argue, will promote increase walking and transit use, thereby reducing auto use and freeway congestion because such forms will necessarily be more compact in helping reign in sprawl.

1.1 Transportation, Activity Systems and Land Use

Figure 1.0: Transportation and Activity

Activities have spatial locations creating a land use pattern, which is influenced by the existing urban form and spatial structure. This form is strongly related to the types of activities that can roughly be divided in three major classes:

1.1.1 Routine Activities.
This class of activities is occurring regularly and is thus predictable. They involve journey to work (residential to industrial / commercial / administrative) and shopping (residential to retailing). The land use pattern generated is thus stable and coherent. Generally, these activities are zonal and links are from areas to areas.

1.1.2 Institutional Activities.
Most institutions are located at specific points and generally have links with individuals. This activity system is linked to an urban environment where links are occurring irregularly and according to the lifestyle (students, sports, leisure, etc.) or special needs (health).

1.1.3 Production Activities.
This involves a complex network of

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