How Does Today's Music Affect The Civil Rights Movement?

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We listen to many songs everyday, we really don't put attention in the lyrics of a song all we do is sing along. Some of our songs have a political or social view, today's music has changed but older music was more focused on the world and everything that was going on. Today's music represents different social movement mainly by having many different songs that talk about different things. We have songs that talks about the color we are to our religious views and to many other things. Songs are used to portray different messages. There exists a lot of popular music that is found all throughout the world that has a popular political message.
In the song “We shall overcome, is a song taken place during the civil rights movement.
The civil right movement was a mass of popular movement to secure for African Americans equal access to opportunities, privileges and rights of the U.S citizenship. This song is a great example because it all started off being an African-American sacred music, and then it got quickly adopted by a black congregation across the United States. Seeger had learned in the late 1940s, by a group of women strikers. Afterwards, he began performing it
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It also talks about fighting for your rights and to never give up because If you don't stand up for your rights nobody will. It tells us to fight and don't give up continue fighting for your rights! Rosa Parks stand up for what she believed in, she refused to give her seat in the bus to a white person because she believed she had the same rights as everyone else in the bus. Rosa parks got arrested when that happened but now she is known as “mother of the civil rights movement.”
It also talks about taking action in avoiding oppression. Marley wrote this song in Jamaica at that point they were fighting for respect and acceptance of their religion. That's why he tried telling everyone to stand up for your

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