How Did The Truman Show Influence People's Life

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Think back on the big events of life, not just the experiences or the memories. Was the world following every part of your life and waiting for something exciting? Did people go out of their way to influence actions upon you? The producers within The Truman Show did just that, and then some. Truman Burbank was the center of attention, the rag doll of society in a staged TV show to live his life with boundaries for the enjoyment of others. The Truman Show is a metaphorical approach to better understanding that society influence people without their knowledge, causing ambitions to be basic and unfulfilled, as well as how major media can open up the realization to life and what it means.
Peter Weir, the director, along with the writer Andrew Niccol,
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From the actor friends and family, Truman’s actions were convinced upon him. Such as explaining that exploring outside of Seahaven is not worth it, or how getting married and starting kids with finances was the most important thing in life. He believed these for his life until he was 30 and found the will power to ignore their thoughts and escape. The world around us in today’s life can control us as well, which is why The Truman Show is a great film, showing its relevance to human life outside of the stage. Parents can influence political views because through childhood and teenage years the parents have such “control” in life. Friends at school peer pressure actions, good or bad, that make people who they are. The older generation that were young adults in the 1950’s was chasing the American Dream in a suburb with a nice car and stable job and family. That trend was influenced on to the next wave of kids and to the next, and without fault, nearly convincing that is the way life needs to be. Society will conform to what is widely believed. People watching the show and others had organized rally’s and rebellions against the shows ideas and to try and get Truman released from the set so he can live a normal …show more content…
Truman went life without deceiving people around him, but he thought that was life. Media struck down on his hopes and dreams, but found the passion to achieve his dream. Themes in The Truman Show are abundant and give a deeper interpretation of how the world is today. Whether it be through the media and their choice of expression, someone’s passion to televise and show how a person lives in comparison to a regular lifestyle, or a person doing whatever their body could withstand to chase aspirations. The messages are realistic to how society affects are lives. The Truman Show, from opening scene to the ending bow, was brimming with masterful media, in the film and with outside

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