How Does The Refrigerator Be Considered An Artificial Cold That A Person Can Not Live Without?

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Can the refrigerator be considered as an artificial cold that a person cannot live without? Many different authors have their own styles of writing and their own know how’s as to when to use the “s” to possess. Steven Johnson, a British-American, had published a book called, “How We Got to Now.” In the book, he presented a six-part series where it had amazing explored legacies that passed on great ideas. In each of the chapters’ titles, the six sessions are: Glass, Cold, Sound, Clean, Time, and Light. Johnson had included many of the famous historical characters such as “Thomas Edison, Galileo Galilei, Mark Zuckerberg, and more.” Throughout most of the book, he had quite often brought up different type of inventions into his writing. In each of chapters of the book it was noticeable that he would to first introduce his style of writing by adding interesting facts and histories, so this way he could reveal his dialog in an effective accomplished for the readers to understand the writing concepts (Johnson, 2014). One of the unique aspects Johnson mentioned in the chapter, “Cold”, was on the invention of the refrigerator. Each author has their own style of writing and this will be depicted through their example writing on the invention of the refrigerator (Johnson, 2014).
Writers have set their individual writing styles apart from each other by making their style unique to themselves and this is demonstrated through how they express the purpose and content to their targeted…

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