How Does The Recruitment Process Affect A Successful Qualified Diverse Applicant Pool Of Individuals?

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The recruitment process is the ability of a school to create a highly qualified diverse applicant pool of individuals. Once a group of educators are drawn to a school, the district can begin the selection process. During this process schools are charged with matching the right person with the right job. This process has recently been streamlined to include background and reference checks, demo lessons and interviews, which can sometimes lead to offering jobs on the spot. Once candidates are recruited, selected and have committed to working at a school the assignment or placement process begins. This process is considered the most complex, yet crucial to the hiring process in human resources. If done correctly assignment can help increase teacher support and thus increase retention rates. During placement it is essential to think of the role, work experience, talent and interests of a candidate and properly place them as to ensure a productive work climate and manageable workload. The final step is introduction. Once a candidate has accepted the job and will begin to start in a new work environment it is imperative to have a proper introduction. This is the time when placement comes into play, if done properly you can use a candidates placement to help ease the introduction process. Members of the department and school should be introduced to the new person and a sense of community should be formed. This will give new people a feeling they can are supported and can ask for…

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