How Does The Internet Affect The World

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The internet of everything, or rather the internet is everything. In todays day and age the internet defines how we interact, connect, and share our knowledge and understanding of the world around us. The internet is by far one of the most powerful advancements in technology in the last fifty years. Through its fibre optic wires, massive data centers, and supercomputing power, the internet has given humankind immense power. The internet can’t be described as its own entity, rather it has to be described as being made up of complex networks, hosted in various locations from the ten-year old computer in your neighbours basement to the massive supercomputing data centres that Google owns. The internet as a whole has been able to connect almost …show more content…
The most common use for the internet during its conception was to transmit military or scientific data between government institutions and services. This lead to businesses using it, eventually the major stock markets began to use the same data transmission style. Next, the interconnectedness of our current world must be taken into account. Trading markets, industries, the weather app on your phone all require continually up to date information from all over the world to function optimally. What good is the weather app when it shows weather data that is several hours old? The reason time dependant systems can function to meet todays standards is through the internet. Somewhere orbiting the earth is a weather satellite which is transmitting data to a hosting center on earth, which receives location data from your phone and pulls the relevant information from its storage servers. The medium in which it transmits the data is the internet, the internet is a vast interconnected system of networks that talk to one another and execute commands upon input. The internet allows the vast power grids of our cities to interact and transmit information to control the path the electricity takes from a generating station to the meter on the side of your house, which by the way is connected through the internet to the power station. Airplanes have complicated systems to help …show more content…
From starting up a small business, to becoming a social media star, the internet has been the basis for all of it. Nowadays YouTube stars are popping up left and right due to the nature of their industry. Someone with a cellphone and an app can create content which can be uploaded to the internet for others to see, this creates the perfect environment for opinions to be shared and platforms to be created. These YouTube stars are often seen as role models or icons to the newer generations, which is solely due to the accessible and ubiquitous nature of the internet. The internet has caused some businesses to explode. The ability for a small company to create a website on the internet and provide all the relevant information that a consumer would need to make an informed decision on their product or service has become invaluable. The internet has proved to be a tool for small companies to self employed individuals because it provides a medium for transmitting data without restrictions, bottlenecks or special requirements. Anyone with a connection to the internet can do whatever they please, from selling sweaters with their dogs’ face stitched on the front, to custom built computers, or even car accessories. Knowledge is power, and the internet has impacted society by providing a wealth of knowledge and information to the average

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