How Does The Internet Affect Our Lives? Essay

1890 Words May 22nd, 2016 null Page
Marriage, that one thing many people hope to experience one day. They plan it out, some sooner than others, but nearly everyone imagines things like drawing each other close as you fall asleep. Knowing that through the night you will finally have the security of someone next to you that understands you, someone that you can speak to about anything. You think of date nights, road trips, vacations, and other endless possibilities stretching out before you as you begin this journey called life. Perhaps one day you hope to have children and start a family of your own. And then it happens. Days go by that are filled with more arguing than laughter. At first the fights are furious and heated, the passion is still running deep as both of you desperately attempt to figure out what is wrong, who is to blame, and how to fix it. The internet is probably a first go to, looking for answers about understanding the opposite sex. It is where I went. When she wasn’t able to voice what was wrong it seemed like a logical starting point. I read psychology articles, religious articles, and counseling articles. They all had good points, but none seemed to really do anything when I tried to apply them. As time went on the reasons for our trouble began to change every month or so until it began to seem as if there was no solution. Just someone trying to look for a way out any way they could. There was no willingness to even attempt professional help, every attempt at resolution was met with…

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