How Does The External World Works? Essay

2523 Words Dec 15th, 2016 11 Pages
Time flies really fast. A few weeks ago, I was taken towards an inward journey. I was trying to find out my strengths, my weaknesses, came to know about many new things like blind spots, which I have never heard about nor even told by anyone. And now I am in the last week winding up my classes, doing final assignments for this semester.
A person can never measure what he/she has gained until unless it is put into practice. As I previously mentioned in my first assignment, I was not sure what I will get out of this course, but now I realize, what I have learned is much bigger than any technical course could ever teach me. From technical courses, I can learn how does the external world works, what can be done to make things easier, learning about this universe and new innovations, discoveries, hypothesis, challenges and new experiments but it is all about external things. This course took me to the inward journey which we generally overlook, I came to know about myself, what are my positives and negatives, on what things I need to work, what are the most important aspects of life. With this insight and awareness about myself, it opens up a path for improvement and to carry a holistic personality development.
A successful person is the one who knows what does he/she wants in the future and then starts mapping out how to reach the goals. But it is also important to know individual weaknesses. I am the person whose happiness lies in the family. During my good and rough time, they…

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