Essay on How Does The Brain Work?

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How Does the Brain Work? The brain includes millions and millions of nerve cells arranged in patterns that coordinates thought, emotion, behavior, movement and sensation. Your brain is connected to your body by a system of nerves, so communication can be communicated within a number of seconds. For an example, you will move your hand very fast if you touched a hot stove. While other parts of your brain work together, each part is responsible for a specific function. The brain controls everything from your heart rate to your mood. The cerebrum is the largest part of the brain. It is the part of the brain that is shown on television…the general visual perception of the brain. The outermost layer of the cerebrum is the cerebral cortex, the grayish looking color of the brain. This part contains deep folds and wrinkles in the brain increase the surface area of the gray, so more information can be processed. The cerebrum is divided into two hemispheres by a deep fissure. The hemispheres communicate with each other through a thick tract of nerves called the corpus callosum, at the base of the fissure. Messages to and from one side of the body are usually handled by the opposite side of the brain. The brain is hemispheres are divided into four lobes. The first lobe is the frontal lobe which controls planning, organizing, critical thinking, short term memory and movement. The parietal lobe interprets sensory information, such as taste, temperature and touch. The occipital lobe…

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