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Teen Pregnancy Teen Pregnancy that affect our society. Many young moms have been getting judged, stared at in school, and getting no support from their family. A baby changes your life especially if you are a teen mom, it is very hard. Mostly of everyone in your life will just walk out because I was in the same situation my own family and friends was out in my life and still is. I never had a support, I never had anyone talk to me, everyone ignores me, it is not fair that every teen pregnant girls who get treated this way, everyone makes a mistake in their life and teen pregnancy should not get treated like this, a lot of girls want a support, love, and enjoy pregnancy with there family, even though you are pregnant in early age, we should still …show more content…
Most adolescents who give birth are eighteen or older in 2013, seventy three percent of all the teen births occurred to eighteen through nineteen years old. Although hispanics currently have the highest teen birth rates, they have also had a dramatic recent decline in rates. Since 2007, the teen birth rate has declined by forty five percent for hispanics, compared with declines of thirty seven for blacks and thirty two percent for whites. Most of teens moms can’t afford of paying bills, but there is medicaid for pregnant women that pays your bills but, getting into Medicaid programs pays you forty percent of all childbirths in the United States. Which qualify receive coverage for the prenatal care, labor, and delivery, and they receive postpartum care for sixty days.
To Conclusion, teen pregnancy is a very important because when you find out you are pregnant and keeping it as a secret to your parents, you would need to talk to someone who is willing to listen and being there for you. I know it is hard to be a mom in a young age without no support or love from your family, it hurts because I was in that situation

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