Effects Of Technology On Human Interaction

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Technology and human interaction Technology itself has moved at a lighting speed over these past few years. Just in the last decade technology has revolutionized the way we talk, shop, read, share news including the way we think. Technology has become a daily lifestyle now for most people, and it is becoming relatively easy to obtain any information thanks to the internet. Because more and more people have access to technology including the internet it is shaping the interaction we have between each other. There are those who believe that technology is such a blessing that is doing society a greater good, by making people more literate and having any information they desire at the tip of their finger tips. However on the other side of the spectrum there are those that argue that technology is hurting our human interaction between one another. And that instead of becoming closer to one another we are becoming more distant. There’s a great quote from the article “The …show more content…
We now have the ability to see someone’s face even if they are thousands of miles away. So it’s absolutely true that technology is changing our human interaction even though most of us don’t see it that way.
• We can apply these points into the course because society is evolving around technology. The way we consider a normal interaction in our society on checking email, updating your profile, even taking a “selfie” was not considered normal or even heard of in the past decade. As more technology makes its way into our lives the more society and people change . Let’s not forget that sociology is the study of the development of society and we are developing and adapting to technology faster than ever. I’m sure in about another decade things we consider normal now and how we act will radically change in the

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