How Does Technology Affect Academic Growth

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Since the Industrial Revolution, technology has been a constant factor of changing times. It is what has shaped the world and its progress. Technology has both the negative and the positive to it; however, it comes to education, technology has always played an important role in cognitive development. As a result of technology, lessons can become more balanced on methods and changes how teachers raise up students. What everyone wants to know is how beneficial is technology in academic growth? As technology begins to evolve a students’ success, some may see it as a distraction than an important aspect for a student’s education. There has been a lot of progress that makes using technology in the classroom beneficial to students such as customizing …show more content…
Learning online has made it easier for students to have the opportunity to access resources that they may normally not receive through different devices at the upmost convenience like tablets. This can assist and help the student better in their learning needs and abilities (Lips). Learning online can give a student a vast amount of opportunities to learn more with the wide range of instructors with diverse levels of experiences and educational backgrounds to provide the student with a better learning experience (Lips). For example, a student can be taught from home over the Internet from an instructor that can be in a completely different state or even country. Some of these opportunities include learning a foreign language or being able to witness something such as an open-heart surgery over a live feed. This can help the student financially as well as save the student time by being able to access these online resources from their own …show more content…
There are many careers out there that involve the use of computers. The amount can stretch across the board such as office jobs, science careers, jobs in technology, and more. With technology evolving the way it has, prepping the student for the future to come is essential (Steinburg). Using technology in a learning environment helps the student develop skills in using their resources that are available as well as developing writing skills when researching (Hendricks). This is important for all different levels of work to be professional and credible. For example, in a college setting many programs have hands-on interactive technology to directly prepare the student for the area of work they are entering. For instance some nursing programs have mock hospital rooms where they practice on a doll to recreate from emergency situations to learning how to record a patients’ vitals (Madison College). Without this technology, it would make it very complicated to enter the workforce without having accomplishing and having experience on their

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