How Does Study Abroad Affect A Student 's View Of Professional Life?

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At the University of Maryland around 2,000 students study abroad every year. The study had 242 participants from the university. The article, “How Does Study Abroad Affect a Student 's View of Professional Life?” analyzes the feelings of students about work and education after engaging with other cultures abroad. The purpose of the data was to cross-examine the cultural differences with the various host countries and professional work settings. The longer students were abroad, the more important students thought school and work were in life. However, overall the students felt school and work were very important, and individuals needed to work harder to get ahead in life. Research on American work hours and happiness compared to foreign countries opens an interesting gap in student behavior research.

Some university students have the opportunity to study abroad during their undergraduate careers. Students make decisions and experience different cultures that help shape them as a person while traveling internationally. Many articles support the maturity student’s gain from their education and life overseas. A study from the Frontiers Journal by Benjamin F. Hadis focused on the increased independence and open-mindedness study abroad students have. Students become less involved in non-academic things and show more mature qualities. The study made regressions between variables, including, “the intrinsic value of education, global-mindedness, reverse culture shock,…

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