How Does Stress Affect School Performance

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Effects of Stress on School performance
Does stress really affect your school performance? It does, according to the article How Stress Affects Academic Performance in Health News Madeline Ellis states that “Of the 69.9 percent of students who reported they were stressed, 32.9 percent said that stress was hurting their academic performance.”(Ellis). As stated above stress is a major factor in school performance. It is important to be able to properly deal with stress in order to be successful and strive to do well in school. Stress limits school performance potential. One thing that stress effects is grades in school. According to the article What Stresses You Out About School “One third said that they were most worried about schoolwork”
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In school every kid shows some type of emotion, weather that emotion be happy, angry, irritated, sad or frustrated. According to Elizabeth Scott “Emotional stress can be particularly painful and challenging to deal with.” (Scott). Based on the quote above dealing with emotions can be stressful and often times will interfere with school. Stress and emotions also play a huge part in a teens life during their high school years. According to Scott what is important is to try and distract ourselves by “fun activities with friends, or a satisfying mental challenge, for example--can lessen emotional pain and help us feel better.”(Scott). According to this quote burying your emotional feelings can be a good thing and can help you feel better. If kids who experience emotional problems used one of Scotts coping strategies, then they would overall have a better mind set and it would also help them focus on their schoolwork instead of being upset. According to Statistics on High school students and teens 1 out of every 2 students has struggled with some type of mental illness. Many times mental illnesses are linked backed to emotions or self-esteem. Self-esteem can be defined as how someone perceives themselves. If a student for example is experiencing loneliness and pity then there self-esteem in turn will be low. The same goes for the other way …show more content…
As stated in the paragraph above self-esteem is how someone perceives themselves. According to Statistics on High school students 95% of students have felt inferior at some point in their schooling carrier. Based on this statistic that means that out of every student in the country, which is 20.6 million people according to the National Center for Educational statistics; 19.57 million people have felt inferior at some point. Self-esteem itself is becoming a very important topic across the world. More and more teens and parents are realizing the health impacts that a low self-esteem has on children. Some effects of a low self-esteem may be moody, tiredness, and eventually even depression. According to authors Auden C. McClure, Susanne E. Tanski, John Kingsbury, Meg Gerrard, and James D. Sargent “Low self-esteem was associated with a number of modifiable risk factors including obesity, television time, team sports participation, school performance and parenting style” (McClure, et al). According to the quote above self-esteem can be derivate from a number of different things but school is one of the main things that is on the list. In order for children and teens to raise self-esteem stress must be coped with in some sort of

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