How Does Sports Affect Our Society? Essay

1053 Words Mar 11th, 2016 null Page
Imagine a society where there are no sports, no teamwork, no winning or losing, no sense of achievement, no type of athleticism and everyone is obese. This sounds like a post-apocalyptic scenario that would drive mankind into the ground. Okay maybe not that dramatic, but when you think about it athletics play a big role in our society and contribute to more than we realize. So who exactly do these sports affect? Well everyone, but they start with kids as young as two or three. Athletes do not just become successful overnight. They have to start somewhere by practicing and putting countless hours into an activity to master it in and gain the skills needed to succeed. By putting time and energy into this action, whatever it may be, the individual is befitted greatly. Through sports people learn teamwork, handwork, discipline, and a number of other important real life traits. Not only do adolescent sports help with shaping positive behavior as well as building character, but they decrease the chance of obesity greatly. By participating in a sport you are actively losing weight and promoting healthy living habits. Currently, we are headed towards the situation mentioned earlier of a world with no organized physical activities because of the state of our economy. Sure there are other issues being effected by the lowly state of our government funds, such as welfare and military dollars, but we cannot forget about the fact that the money going towards schools is plummeting every…

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