Essay about How Does Social Media Negatively Affect Teenagers?

1526 Words May 11th, 2016 null Page
Social media, in particular Instagram, has become an outlet for many different people to use for many different reasons. While there are some neutral or positive reasons for using Instagram, such as running an account for your dog, there are some ways this social media platform can result in negative repercussions. Many young and susceptible preteens and teenagers are discovering that the use of Instagram has a large effect on one’s body image concerns. Instagram has become a contributing factor to low self ­esteem which, in some extreme cases, can lead to eating disorders, body dysmorphia, or self enhancement procedures. So, my question is how does social media negatively affect teenagers. This is a very important topic because most of today’s youth is on a social media platform such as Instagram and are being exposed to this glorification of eating disorders etc. and are vulnerable to a lifetime of health issues as a consequence. Teenagers on Instagram today need to be protected from exposure to these sensitive topics and Instagram should be monitoring the “trigger” accounts more carefully. However, it is hard because some of the people running these “trigger” accounts back up their decisions by saying they are using their account as an outlet to express themselves. An easy solution to this would be to make sure these accounts are private, and that nobody can accidentally stumble upon them or their pictures. As of right now, Instagram has been notorious for taking down…

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