How Does Social Media Affect Teens

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Social Impact
Research the effects social media has on teens. Are there any ways to avoid these problems?
Social media can have a huge impact on teenagers. These days, teenagers communicate through their electronic devices. Now face to face interactions, have become more stressful because we are so used to talking to people through screens. With all the social media apps out there, teenagers are more likely to witness forms of bullying(cyber). Also, social media is lowering self confidence in teenagers because they are starting to compare themselves to photos they see of models and others online. We were always told that we could turn to an adult or guardian for advice but now, we are just turning to social media for the answers. Did you know that social media can make you more likely to catch an illness and is one of the leading causes for
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Sitting at your computer for multiple hours can strain your eyes, affect your posture and cause hearing problems. When sitting down hunched over at your computer, your spine is being bent out of shape. This can lead to back and chest pains if it continues to happen. Also while sitting down, you are not using or moving any large muscles in your body causing your muscles to become stiff. Staring at the bright screen for too long can strain your eyes. Also make sure you’re not too close to the screen because that can cause your eyes to become dry. You may not notice, but when in front of a screen, you don’t blink a lot. This causes blurriness and can lead to a burning sensation. If listening to music way too loud, you may burst an eardrum which can cause other hearing problems in the future. Lastly, computers can cause terrible headaches that can take you longer to complete the task on your computer because of the pain. Computers have a lot of negative effects on humans and you should make sure you don’t spend too much time using your

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