How Does Single Parenting Affect Adolescent Development Essay

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How does Single Parenting Affect Adolescent Development: Is there a Positive?? Children of single parents get a predetermined handicap in life. Society has not been helpful by setting this standard. Household income and parent involvement may be a larger contributor to child behaviors and development. Single parent homes usually have a low income due to one income factor. It can also be assumed that single parents have less time to be at home. A single parent can successfully raise a happy and healthy child who is a good contributor to society and are not damaged goods. Single Parent Homes Society has a belief that children of single parent homes have a higher incidence of academics, emotional and behavioral problems compared to children from two parent homes. An analysis of data by the National Association of Educational Procurement indicated that third graders living in a two parent homes scored considerably higher than third graders living in a one parent home (Natriello, Mcdill & Pallas, 1990). The five environmental outcomes that determine the lifestyle of children of single parent homes are acceptance, adult attention, financial security, parental involvement and stability/structure. Single parents are usually the sole provider financially and can become stretched thin. This combined with the emotional factors that result from a bad divorce or breakup can be a difficult combination. Multiple transitional adjustments are stressful and can affect children in a…

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