How Does Shakespeare Show the Different Moods and Feelings of Beatrice and Benedick in Act 2 Scene 1 and Act 4 Scene 1?

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How does Shakespeare show the different moods and feelings of Beatrice and Benedick in act 2 Scene 1 and Act 4 scene 1?

Shakespeare demonstrates Beatrice and Benedick's relationship as intricate and diverse so in this essay I'm going to delve into their relationship and different moods and emotions. The character of Beatrice is introduced as bright and having a Sharp-tongue in act two scene one. She is already shown sharp-witted and mocks Benedick’s uselessness as a soldier and friend. In this scene they compete to outdo each other in their ‘Merry war’ with clever jabs at each other. In this scene Shakespeare shows that they have many different emotions.

In Act two Scene one, Shakespeare expresses Beatrice’s disdainful opinion that
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Furthermore then Beatrice tells benedick that ‘I love you with so much of my heart that none is left to protest’ here Shakespeare demonstrates that Beatrice returns Benedick’s feelings and confesses her love for him. He does this by using the noun ‘heart’ which is directly associated with love, alongside his use of hyperbole as she explains ‘none is left to protest.’ This also adds extra effect as it contradicts almost everything she has already said to Benedick.

However this heartfelt moment does not last long as she quickly remembers what is going on and is angry at Claudio. She is so angry with him that she intends to ‘kill Claudio’ however as she is a girl she asks her newfound love, Benedick, to do the deed for her. By saying ‘kill Claudio’ it shows how strongly she dislikes him at that moment. Also by using the verb ‘kill’ Shakespeare adds extra tension and effect on to it as Claudio is Benedicks best friend which shows how angry Beatrice must be to ask the love of her life to just outright murder his best friend.

Despite all of this Benedick still wants to please Beatrice as he said that he ‘will challenge him’. This really shows how much Benedick must love Beatrice to offer to ‘challenge’ his best friend just because she has asked him to. By using the word

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