How Does Sexual Objectification Within The Media Affect Girls / Young Women?

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How does sexual objectification in the media affect girls/young women? Young women are seen in all aspects of the media, such as television shows, music videos, magazines, advertisements, etc. Since the mid -1900s, girls/women have been put on such high standards to be the “perfect” woman. Young women are told to look like a person, usually a celebrity, as a prototype of ideal beauty. Although, celebrities aren’t the ones to blame, since they are sexually objectified by the media just as much as “normal” women. The earliest women in Hollywood who can think of that was sexually objectified by the media/general public was Marilyn Monroe. Monroe was considered a sex symbol not only for her undying beauty, but also because of her body type (curvaceous, big hips, and big breasts). Monroe was sexually objectified directly by the men in her life and indirectly by the media. Towards the end of her life, Monroe suffered from depression, substance abuse, and low self-esteem (O’Malley 1). Could those be the effects of how she somewhat was forced to keep up the image of being a sex symbol starting at a relatively young age? While the media is hypersexualizing young women, psychologists are finding ways of counteracting the effects in has on them. Corporate media is profit-driven. They selfishly use girls as sexual objects to sell and promote their products. The media has no problem sexualizing girls, but they do have a problem if girls act sexually. Durham argues in an interview,…

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