Essay on How Does Science Play The Explanation Of Reality?

2021 Words May 4th, 2016 9 Pages
How does science play in the explanation of reality? It would seem in that in the era we live in now science emerged to play a very big role. Considering that it is the largest bodies of investigation we have, along with being the most socially acceptable. Although, that seems to be the issue at hand here, that science discovers things about our reality and most people at large, tend to accept the reported findings. Most people walk through life reading magazines articles that report scientific discoveries without ever questioning how or why that was the conclusion science arrived at. In this paper the goal is to question the methodology in which science uses to arrive at certain conclusions, and what does said conclusion mean. The two contrasting views that will be critically analyzed are called Instrumentalism and the Manipulationist view. Each of these views claims that the entirety of science should follow either one or the other, because they possess the power to explain reality better. Both views have merit in their explanatory powers, but it each view will be rigorously compared and contrasted, in general, in order to reach the final conclusion of which view should be the driving force behind sciences endeavor to explain how reality works. In this paper there will be two specific views of each opposing perspectives. For the Manipulationist view, we will be investigating James Woodward’s approach to the topic. The opposing view of Instrumentalism, will be explained…

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