Essay on How Does Religion Influence The Choices People Make?

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In life, there are many directions an individual can take. Lost and confused, Siddartha searched his whole life to find the right path by following religious groups and their teachings. However, Siddartha always grew tired of their rules and decided he was unhappy. Every time Siddhartha started questioning the reasons behind the rules or beliefs of a group, the members felt he was doubting their higher power, which lead to Siddhartha to being excommunicated. How does religion influence the choices people make? To make a decision on a choice, people need some kind of foundation such as a basis of morals and values. Every religion has expectations to obey and follow, therefore, religion strongly influences how some people chose their plans for life, “ They might feel that pressure from parents, teachers coaches or themselves. They might even feel it from God.” Through religious influences, people choose who they will marry, if they have children, and what education they should obtain.
In observing how people choose their spouses, religion has an influence on who an individual should marry. Having the same religion is a criteria many people use while seeking a marriage partner. They strongly feel that the person they marry should have the same traditions, customs, and intensity of belief as they themselves do. Many religions often give the specifics of who a person should marry and indirectly caution what would happen if they choose outside of the religion. Verse 2:221 of…

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