How Does Religion Affect Our Lives? Essay

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Faith Lasts a Lifetime
Elderly adulthood is a time period in which older individuals aged sixty-five and older turn to their faith or belief in a higher power to sustain them through difficult and trying circumstances life often delivers: death of loved ones, loss of independence, family members distancing themselves, financial hardships, or coming to terms with the possibility of their own death approaching. During this stage in life, religion plays an important role in helping the elderly adjust and eventually cope to difficult life situations. (Whitborne & Whitborne, 2011, p. 309) Religion seems to provide individuals with determination even when there seems to be no reason to go on, conviction and motivation rather than succumbing to despair and ultimately hope to take another breath. Throughout the interview process I realized that most of the elderly individuals I conducted interviews with relied on faith to help them overcome their daily struggles.
Rosie (female, White, age 71) stated that after the recent death of her husband John, her once close relationship with her daughter also began to experience a similar death as well. She described not having many friends, because her entire time was spent around her husband and children, which left her with no possibility to make new friends. Rosie prayed for days, patiently waiting for her relationship with her daughter to rekindle or possibly for someone new to come into her life and allow her to feel loved and…

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