How Does Racism Affect Society? Essay

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How does racism affect individuals in modern society?

Racism is one of the most controversial issues in modern society, as large proportions of the contemporary populace are affected by it. Racial and ethnic discrimination occurs on a daily basis, which significantly affects the progress of millions of people around the world. From denying individuals the basic principles of equality may lead to disputes that can have a negative influence on society and can lead to racism. Racism portrays the negative aspects and views of people from different cultures and living in such a diverse country allows racism to spread quickly, which negatively influences society and the relationships between different people. Almost 1 in five individuals experience racial discrimination on a daily basis, therefore, it can be established that racism is negatively affecting the lives of many and it is one of the most prodigious issues that needs to be addressed.

I chose to focus on the various effects of racism on society, as it is one of the most common social justice issues, which ties in with our integrated learning’s focus. The aspects involved with racism coincide with the capabilities of Citizenship and Personal development, which are crucial to the integrated learning’s focus. This report will document the effects of racism in modern society and how it connects with religion and my learning capabilities.

Racism is the belief that human races have distinctive characteristics, which…

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