How Does Priestley Present Relationship Between Mr Birling And Sheila?

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How does Priestley present the relationship between Mr Birling and Sheila? In the play an Inspector Calls, by J.B Priestley, the 2 generations end up with very different view on capitalism and socialism with the younger generation changing towards the more socialist attitude. The relationship between Mr Birling and Sheila symbolises the differences between these two world views. Priestley wanted the change to happen from a capitalist to a socialist society. Mr Birling is represented in some ways as a hot headed business man who doesn’t care about anything other than his business and status. The uses of hyphens during his speeches about Sheila’s engagement to Gerald are what Mr Birling uses to acquaint himself with Gerald: they also add in business details. During his first speech he references, with hyphens, the fact that the croft family business is both ‘older and bigger’ than his own business as if to try and flatter Gerald. On the other hand the use of the word bigger, rather than a more complimentary term, could be to denote that his business is beaten only by size in the competition between the two firms. I think that the writer crafted the speech using hyphens because they more clearly signpost Mr Birling’s capitalist ideas than other punctuation so people can pick out the flaws in them which is what Priestley wanted. From the beginning of the play it is clear that Sheila is naïve due to her being over protected by Mr Birling…

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