Essay about How Does Perception Affect Attention, Influence Memory?

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Humans are special, and abstract. Humans are complex machines or organisms that make up planet earth. I do think there is life beyond the solar system that we were programmed to believe. The Spirit is what makes a person 's human; moreover, humans share memories and celebrate with one another. Humans can be compassionate and see the high vibration in one another, but humans ' are naturally evil as well, thus make humans hard to research. Regardless of a person 's heart, humans compile and past down memories, but humans memories can be dented by their imperfections like the human field of view, and hearing range, and the threshold of hearing. A genius is someone who to me learn to use their positive and negative characteristics to their advantage to help propel themselves to new heights. How does perception and attention, influence memory? To answer Brian 's question, I would first breakdown what perception and attention actually mean starting with basic definitions. By beginning with basic cliche definitions regarding perception and attention, I establish a foundation to build from to help Brian interpret the information well from the root. Perception is how a person 's view and interpret their surroundings through the human senses. The five human senses include taste, sight, hearing, smell, and touch. Humans have other senses that are more intangible than tangible, and these intangible senses include pain, balance, and temperature. To further help Brian understand…

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