How Does One Really Understand The Depth And Meaning Of Their Own Writing Behavior

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How does one really understand the depth and meaning of their own writing behavior and how to exercise it to its apical wherewithal? Nope. How to use the way you write and how to make your writing better? Eh, not that either. How do you use your writing voice and style to it’s full potential? Ah, that’s better. Discovering your writing voice and becoming more aware of it will help to make your writing, yours.
Your writing style is “you put into a piece of work. What I mean by this is that your work reflects who you are. “... we make different choices in our writing than others make in theirs, choices that reflect who we are on the inside…” (Peha). That is what makes anything unique and different, the way it came into existence. And in writing, your voice comes to existence when you make uncommon decisions about it. “And the truth of your experience can only come through in your own voice.” (Lamott 199). You usually use things you’ve learned about writing in the past, in your writing. You find bits and pieces of past works of yours and others and bring it together to create something new.

When we write, we write the same way we speak, just in more constructed phrases. “Say the sentence out loud before you write it. As Writing Consultant Todd Ferrante say, ‘By actually saying it aloud, [writers] not only focus on their argument, but also create an original voice all their own.’” (Sibley). “Whenever I read something that has a lot of voice, I get the feeling that I’m…

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