Essay on How Does One Measure Success?

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How does one measure success? For many, success is measured by income or worldly possessions; the size of one’s house or the car in the garage. For others, a large family with many sons is the key to a full life. For some, a successful life is achieved with physical prowess or skill mastery. For me, success is all of these things, and more. For me, success has no single definition, no single definable route; it is not a path, but a direction. However, I do believe that the key to success lies in wisdom, the self-knowledge to know what one wants, coupled with the determination to achieve goals. Like many people, I did not know what I wanted to do with my life. Unlike many people, my indecision never waned. Many people could consider the choices of my life, or lack thereof, to be a boon; I have none of the spousal or familial obligations to bind me to specific people or places. Many people would consider my life sad for the same reasons. There are many excuses for the indecisions of my twenties, some more valid than others, but the truth is that I was simply not ready. It wasn’t until something miraculous happened that I began to find my direction: I turned 30. As my thirties dawned I realized that I was not getting any younger, and if I wanted my life to have value, now was the time. This is not to mean that the going would be easy. I still didn’t know where I wanted to go, but I started walking. Within a year I had quit my long-standing job and hazarded a…

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