How Does One Become A Leader? Essay

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From the time we are born we are guided by those around us. Without even knowing it, we begin our journeys as followers being led by our parents and those closest to us. We look to our caregivers’ ques to develop us. We watch as they do things like eat, walk, and talk. By the completion of our first year through their guidance we have begun to master these skills as we have observed and been taught. But this is only the beginning for us, this pattern of leader and follower will never cease. Even for those that rise high up a corporate ladder with copious amounts of employees below them to lead, will draw leadership directions from a source they are inspired by.
But how does one become a leader, who is fit to be a leader, and is everyone a leader? In my observations leadership can be attained by anyone at any time given the right circumstance. For example, parents. Parents without warrant automatically become leaders once they have children. Children blindly follow their parents especially early on. For some of us our parents will be the best leaders we ever knew, and for others their parents may have struggled to lead. Though anyone can be a thrust into a leadership position not everyone will thrive as a leader, because not everyone has the qualities needed to be a good leader.
If you googled the term “what makes a good leader” there is myriad of articles dissecting what makes a good leader. Many offer a check list ranging from 22 to 7 qualities of a “good leader” some…

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