Optimism Vs Happiness

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People are continually searching for happiness. It is what individuals would like in life, right? Individuals search for this feeling their whole lives. They search for the feeling of joy to put a smile on not only their face but other’s faces as well. All individuals find this happiness through different activities, pastimes, and people. The definition of happiness is different for all, therefore scientists have determined it to be, in concept, a feeling of contentment. True happiness starts with an individual 's mindset. So how does negative thinking lead to unhappiness instead of joy in life? To be a happy thinker, optimism is needed. When keeping a negative mindset you will find that your life is more pessimistic than optimistic. This …show more content…
This negative tone will diminish while in a grateful state. “We can be grateful in every given moment for the opportunity, and even when we are confronted with something that is terribly difficult, we can rise to this occasion and respond to the opportunity that is given to us” (Steindl-Rast 2013). The choice of a positive and grateful thought is possible at every moment if only there is the perseverance to rise to the occasion. .When one is filled with negative thoughts they will be begin lead to a more negative life. When we refuse to think in this negative fashion we will find that there is more gratefulness in your life instead of dreary. In a fact that gratefulness and happiness go together gratefulness and negativity cannot also go together. When refusing to think negatively there is a start to thinking more gratefully. As Steindl-Rast said to be happy we need to be grateful. With grateful thoughts we will being to find that our life is much happier and on negative thoughts will be preserved in the mindset present. Calling on my personal experience I have always found it hard to be in a angry or unhappy state while having a positive mindset. When I refuse to think negatively I find that I am more grateful for things given to me and things I have earned. The denying of negative feelings will encourage the feeling of positivity. This is very helpful to society. With more people thinking positively many more people will find that they will have less negative thinking and a happier life. The absence of sadness and melancholy while alive leads to the presence of happiness and

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